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Although they cost less, Modular and Manufactured homes are in many ways superior to stick-built homes, and, once assembled, cannot be distinguished from their traditionally built counterpart.

Tax Savings

Tax incentives offered by the United States government make it possible for many homeowners to exceed the standard yearly deduction. Your state may offer the same benefits.

  • A tax deduction for the yearly interest on your primary and vacation home. This amount equals a big chunk of your total payments for the first several years.
  • You can deduct the total amount of your yearly property tax bill.
  • If you refinance to consolidate other debts, the interest on the home equity loan is tax deductible.

Time Savings

The System-built, Manufactured and Modular Advantage in Time
Building a manufactured or modular home will normally save you time compared with building a conventional stick-framed house. Saving time on construction not only saves money, it also reduces the stress involved in home building. The faster you build your home, the sooner you will be able to enjoy it and dispense with the worries and preoccupations of construction.

When a manufacturer is building without a production backlog, it delivers a house five weeks after the customer has finalized the plans and obtained a building permit and financing. The general contractor begins the site work and completes the foundation while the manufacturer is building the house. If the house is small, uncomplicated, requires little on-site construction, and the General contractor is not too busy, it will be completed in about three weeks. Adding these two time frames together, a prospective homeowner can plan to move into the house eight weeks after finalizing the preliminary steps.

In most regions of the country, the fastest stick builders require at least 13 weeks to build a small, uncomplicated custom house, and many need several weeks longer. Even the most efficient stick builder is significantly limited by small subcontractor crews. His systems are no match for the modular manufacturer's assembly line and large workforce. Consequently, the simplest stick-built house completed by the most competent custom builder is likely to take at least five weeks longer than a comparable modular home. A typical two-story house that includes a garage, porch, and deck will take a few weeks longer for both the modular builder and the stick builder.

Larger, more complicated modular home designs, such as a 7,500-square-foot two-story, will take considerably longer to build. If the design requires substantial custom finish work and multiple site-built structures, and the General contractor has a substantial backlog, it might take sixteen weeks or longer to complete the home after it is set on the foundation. Adding the five weeks required by the manufacturer to build and deliver the house produces a total of 21 weeks. A good custom stick builder is likely to take at least a couple of months longer to complete such a project, since he will have considerably more work to do from scratch compared to the modular builder, who will have most of the house built at the factory.

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